Sea freight, what does that mean for your company?

Sie wollen Ihre Fracht auf dem Seeweg transportieren lassen, sind sich aber unschlüssig und wollen wissen wie das funktioniert und ob es Sinn macht? Dann hoffen wir Ihnen mit diesem Beitrag helfen zu können. 

At WOAC, we have made it our mission to simplify shipping for those who need it and remove logistics obstacles. In particular, small and medium-sized companies should be supported. For us, this means simply explaining terms from logistics in order to make the transport of your products understandable for you. Perhaps you already have an understanding of what sea freight means by reading this post.

Sea freight is a method of transporting large loads of goods by sea from point A to point B to point C. The freight is loaded into large sea containers that are transported on ships. Most of all world trade is carried out by sea. Heavy shipments from 100kg or consisting of boxes are usually sent by sea freight.


Take your time and understand the market.

There are a number of transport companies in the sea freight market. A distinction must be made between shipping companies and forwarders. Freight forwarders usually act as freight brokers since in most cases they do not own their own ships or other means of transport. Shipping companies own containers that act as loading equipment for the goods and carry out transport with their own ships. As a logistics partner for your sea freight, WOAC GmbH has its own, independent and reliable network of agents distributed all over the world. How long it takes for your goods to arrive at their destination depends on many factors – including the shipping location and the type of shipment. Your goods have to pass through several stations before they can be loaded onto a ship. As a partner at your side, we advise you individually and plan optimal transport routes – tailored to your needs.

If it can be done by sea, why not by air?

Where we used to use ferries to go on vacation, we now use airplanes. Why doesn’t that also apply to your freight? There are a few reasons for this—mainly related to capacity and cost. Air travel is often faster and somewhat more reliable, but air freight is also more expensive. Sometimes four or five times as much as sea transport. Sea freight is not only cheaper, there are also fewer restrictions on shipping dangerous cargo. Also there is a larger capacity for the price you pay. A sea container contains, for example, 10,000 bottles of beer, or something similar 😉

In the end you decide which way is the most appropriate for you. If you want to transport by sea via sea freight, we will be happy to advise you. Learn more about our services.