Disruptions in shipping on the Suez and Panama Canals: A test for shipping companies

Shipping on the Suez and Panama Canals is currently significantly disrupted, posing major challenges for shipping companies. In the Panama Canal, a sharp decrease in ship traffic is being recorded due to a prolonged drought. Currently, only about 32 ships pass through the canal per day, leading to a waiting time of around 22 days.

Many shipping companies are forced to redirect their ships and instead take the route around Cape Horn in South America. This results in increased freight costs and longer delivery times for cargo transport. However, the slow receding of the water gives hope that the situation will soon normalize and the passage through the Panama Canal will be facilitated.

The Suez Canal is facing similar problems, especially in the southern entrance through the Red Sea, where cargo ships are at risk due to attacks by Houthi rebels from Yemen. For security reasons, many shipping companies are avoiding this route and instead choosing the longer journey around the Cape of Good Hope in Africa. Here too, this redirection leads to higher costs and delayed deliveries, negatively impacting global supply chains. Overall, the restrictions on both canals are a serious problem for international shipping and pose significant logistical challenges for shipping companies.