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Personal and efficient

WOAC, your logistics partner who masters the global coordination of sea freight.

It's nice to have a logistics partner who can handle the worldwide Coordination of sea freight and air freight mastered. Even nicer when it's not anonymous, but has a face. We develop tailor-made solutions in sea and air freight as well as in the areacustoms clearance and Cross Trades. What sets us apart is the intensive, personal dialogue that we maintain with our customers. This is how we get to know each other and work together to develop tailor-made solutions that meet your individual needs. We offer you the opportunity to have one contact person for all your requirements.  

As an NVOCC, we specialize in providing efficient and reliable freight services.

Thanks to our global network and many years of experience, we are able to offer tailor-made transport solutions that meet the individual needs of our customers. Whether it is the transportation of goods by sea, road or air, we make sure everything runs smoothly. Our goal is to optimize the supply chain and make the transport of goods more efficient. We take over the organization, booking and consolidation of the freight. In this way, our customers can concentrate on their core business while we take care of the smooth running of the transport. Neutrality is our top priority! Our dedicated team of experts in the logistics industry are ready to support our customers with extensive expertise and excellent customer service. We work closely with our partners to ensure high quality and reliability in all aspects of our business. When it comes to the international transport of goods, you can rely on WOAC GmbH. We offer tailor-made solutions, reliability and efficiency for your cargo transportation needs.

As a Hamburg company, we offer you global transport from a single source: fast, efficient, reliable and independent.


Vedran Maric

Managing Director bei WOAC

Contact Person

We would be happy to provide you with information about our products and services.

Here you will find the contact details of our contact persons from the different areas.


Nadine Rabe


T: +49 40 54005 3945
M: nadine.rabe@woac.de

Mary Wojdani


T: +49 40 54005 3942
M: mary.wojdani@woac.de

Jörg Mißbach

Accounting Manager

T: +49 40 54005 3911
M: joerg.missbach@woac.de

Air Freight Import & Export

Tom Guth

Import + Export Sales Manager

T: +49 40 54005 3906
M: tom.guth@woac.de

Sandra Brajnovic

Sea Freight Operation Manager

T: +49 40 54005 3907
M: sandra.brajnovic@woac.de


Dana Grasmik

Sea Freight Export Documentation

T: +49 40 54005 3961
M: dana.grasmik@woac.de

Mario Pretzsch

Sea Freight Export Documentation

T: +49 40 54005 3992
M: mario.pretzsch@woac.de

Stephan Sawade

Sea Freight Export Coordinator

T: +49 40 54005 3925
M: stephan.sawade@woac.de

Torben Kolditz

Sea Freight Export Coordinator - Shanghai, Hong Kong

T: +49 40 54005 3901
M: torben.kolditz@woac.de

Marco Wendzick

Sea Freight Export Coordinator - Indien

T: +49 40 54005 3940
M: marco.wendzick@woac.de

Jörg Blauciak

Sea Freight Export Coordinator - Jebel Ali

T: +49 40 54005 3914
M: joerg.blauciak@woac.de

Angelique Zimmermann

Sea Freight Export Coordinator - Singapur

T: +49 40 54005 3991
M: angelique.zimmermann@woac.de

General Manager

Diana Maric

Managing Director

T: +49 40 54005 3907
M: diana.maric@woac.de

Vedran Maric

Managing Director

T: +49 40 54005 3917
M: vedran.maric@woac.de


Ramona Bremer

Sea Freight Import Documentation

T: +49 40 54005 3913
M: ramona.bremer@woac.de

Hosai Azami

Sea Freight Import Coordinator

T: +49 40 54005 3948
M: hosai.azami@woac.de

Lars Nissen

Sea Freight Import Coordinator - FCL, Taiwan , Korea, Hong Kong, Tianjin, Xiangang, Japan

T: +49 40 54005 3918
M: lars.nissen@woac.de

Michaela Bock

Sea Freight Import Coordinator - Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Shanghai, Indien

T: +49 40 54005 3941
M: michaela.bock@woac.de

Vesna Saalfeld

Sea Freight Import Manager

T: +49 40 54005 390
M: vesna.saalfeld@woac.de

Import Customer Service

Marco Marquardt

Sea Freight Import Customer Service

T: +49 40 54005 3902
M: marco.marquardt@woac.de

Sascha Schröder

Sea Freight Import Customer Service

T: +49 40 54005 3903
M: sascha.schroeder@woac.de

Ivan Berg

Sea Freight Import Customer Service

T: +49 40 54005 3905
M: ivan.berg@woac.de

Arleta Steghuber

Teamleader - Sea Freight Import Customer Service

T: +49 40 54005 3904
M: arleta.steguber@woac.de

Operation Manager

Sandra Brajnovic

Sea Freight Operation Manager

T: +49 40 54005 3970
M: sandra.brajnovic@woac.de

Sales Manager

Tom Guth

Import + Export Sales Manager

T: +49 40 54005 3906
M: tom.guth@woac.de


Tiago Prospero da Cunha


T: +49 40 54005 390
M: david.prosperodacunha@woac.de

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